High fat diet effect on interleukin

Increased pain behaviors were observed even after a much shorter 1 week exposure to the HFD but the effect was smaller.

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Additional novel results from this work demonstrate region specific differences between the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus in response to aging with a HFS diet, indicating that the disease pathology is not uniform throughout the brain. It has been reported that IL-7 is produced by adipocyte progenitors and that its expression decreases during adipogenesis [9].

Most of the studies related to diet and exercise are skewed toward males therefore to bridge this gap, only female mice were used in our study. Baseline measurements average of 2 are plotted on postoperative day POD 0. A minimum of non-overlapping images was automatically acquired by serial scanning.

As shown in Supplemental Fig.

Mediators of Inflammation

Results High-fat diet consumption for 8 weeks affected body weight in Long-Evans but not Sprague-Dawley rats In this study, we used the paradigm of diet-induced obesity first described by Woods et al.

Biglycan is an ECM protein with proinflammatory effect [ 8 ]. At the end of the experiments, the tissues were weighed. We used both Long-Evans rats, as used in the original obesity model, and Sprague-Dawley rats, as used in the original radicular pain model.

A similar reduction of NK1.

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However, the molecular mechanism by which aerobic exercise ameliorates cardiac dysfunction is poorly understood. For these analyses, F values for the comparison between groups are given as F degrees freedom in numerator, degrees freedom in denominator.

However, it was observed that the plasma total cholesterol and free fatty acid in the HF group increased compared to the control group Fig.

Afterwards, DNase I treatment was performed, followed by wash step. Extracellular matrix proteins, apart from providing mechanical support to adipocytes and other cells, also participate in a variety of signaling events including activation of inflammatory signals [ 45 ]. Obesity-related diseases that have received much attention include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer 3.

The animals were cared in cages under controlled conditions of Delayed type hypersensitivity DTH was induced as previously described [ 19 ], with minor modifications.

Regarding the latter, it is conceivable that gender difference between IL-7 overexpressing mice females and ILinjected animals males may participate to the reported effects on glucose homeostasis.

High Fat Diet Triggers Inflammatory Process and Disease

Liver of mice fed HFD showed intracellular lipid deposition in hepatocytes, indicating fatty liver. Maternal inflammation is one disruption to the maternal environment that is linked to several disease states in adult life.

Using a milder version of a radicular pain model, local inflammation of the dorsal root ganglion DRGwe observed marked increases in mechanical and cold allodynia in rats of both sexes that were maintained on a high-fat diet HFD for 6 weeks prior to DRG inflammation.

Obesogenic diets often result in insulin resistance and a state of energetic stress in peripheral tissues and evidence indicates that obesity also alters brain insulin signaling and in turn energy status. We used the paradigm of diet-induced obesity first described by Woods et al.

High-fat diet-fed Long-Evans rats also showed a significant increase in percent body fat measured by NMR after sacrifice 8 weeks on diet. Exceptions to this protocol are noted in the figure legends Fig.

Preliminary data also showed that initiating high-fat diet consumption at 14 days after the onset of the CFA model did not activate pain behaviors data not shown. Briefly, mice were anesthetized by isoflurane. Spontaneous guarding behavior was scored 38 as 0 no guarding, paw flat on floor1 mild shift of weight away from paw2 unequal weight bearing and some part of the foot not touching the flooror 3 foot totally raised or not bearing any weight ; these scores were recorded just before each application of the von Frey filament 6 per paw total and averaged.

Full size image We also measured plasma cytokines that have been reported to be affected by diet in some studies. Notably, this increase in pain-related behaviors occurred in both Long-Evans and Sprague-Dawley rats despite the fact that the 6-week HFD exposure induced obesity e.

List of primers is as described previously [ 9 ]. In lymphocyte-deficient SCID mice, this ILmediated effect on B-cells is lacking, leading to uncontrolled macrophage infiltration and loss of IL-7 protective effect against glucose intolerance. Adipose Tissue Morphometric Analysis Perigonadal adipose tissues were fixed, embedded in paraffin, sectioned and stained with hematoxylin and eosin.

Taken together, our findings suggest a critical link between NKT cells, dietary lipid and adaptive immune responses. This is consistent with the report of decreased adipocyte differentiation in the adipose tissue of patients with HIV-related lipodystrophy, in association with insulin resistance [51].

Several clinical trials using IL-7 are currently underway in cancer, HIV, HBV and HCV infections to remediate disease-associated immune deficits and our results in mice suggest that increasing IL-7 levels may also affect fat mass development and insulin sensitivity in the ILtreated patients. GAPDH was used as an internal control to normalize gene expression.

We then used this model to show that the same gene expression changes that occurred in the arcuate nucleus in response to in vitro IL-6 treatment also happen in vivo in response to maternal obesity.

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As shown above, though there was a higher caloric intake during pregnancy in the HF group compared to the control group, no differences were observed between the control group and the HF group in body weight, liver weight, white adipose tissue weight or liver triglyceride in infant male mice at 6 weeks of age Fig.

Behavior testing Static mechanical allodynia i.25/4/ · Adipose tissue biglycan as a potential anti-inflammatory target of sodium salicylate in the effect of high fat diet on of interleukinan anti Cited by: 6. High-fat diet, muscular Fatty Acids and Is Essential for Skeletal Muscle Interleukin-6 Production and effect of high-fat feeding on intramuscular lipid and Cited by: 23/1/ · The effect of a ketogenic diet versus a high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet on sleep, cognition, thyroid function, and cardiovascular health independent of weight loss Cited by: 3.

We hypothesized that CR with a high fat diet Mediators of Inflammation is a peer-reviewed, Effect of HFCR on body fat mass in high-fat diet-induced obese ancientmarinerslooe.com by: Inflammatory factor Interleukin‐6 rats fed the high fat mix diet had In my opinion this was not an effect of higher fat feeding but an effect of a high.

Interleukin 22 (IL) is a T-cell The effect of IL as a cytokine is dependent on the location of its action as well as High fat diet induced formation of Cited by:

High-fat diet increases pain behaviors in rats with or without obesity
High fat diet effect on interleukin
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